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UT Instapoll help

Welcome to UT Instapoll

Thank you for using UT Instapoll, a product developed at UT Austin by the Liberal Arts Development Studio. We built this free classroom-response system in order to keep students from having to buy access to commercial systems on their own.


Release Notes

A new version of UT Instapoll is released every semester. Bug fixes and new features are listed below.

  • Fall 2024
    • No major new features. General updates for stability, security, and bug fixes.
  • Fall 2023
    • New installations of UT Instapoll now install via LTI 1.3, which has the following features:
      • Launching UT Instapoll from Canvas is now done through the left-hand navigation menu in your course. We will create an Canvas assignment for you the first time you open UT Instapoll, and grades will be stored there.
    • If you're using an installation of UT Instapoll copied over from a previous course, it will still work, but you can contact us at if you'd like to upgrade to LTI 1.3.

I still need more help!

Can't find what you were looking for, or need additional assistance? We welcome bug reports, questions, and suggestions about UT Instapoll, and are standing by to help if you need it. You can reach us at: